Areas of Expertise

Public Contracts

Law 4412/2016 defined the framework for the conclusion of public contracts and in particular contracts for projects, services and supplies concluded with the Greek Government and its Legal Entities, as the Contracting Authority.

The procedure begins with the publication of the contract notice, followed by the tender procedure and is completed with the suggestion of the contractor.

In each stage, a right of legal protection is provided, which is delimited by the exercise of a preliminary appeal before the PAEA or an objection before the Contracting Authority, depending on the type of tender procedure.

Subsequently, the entity with a legal interest may appeal to the competent Administrative Courts to annul the Decision issued at the stage of concluding the public contract.

The legal services provided extend to the whole tender process and specifically concern:

  • In providing legal counsel during the preparation of the financial institution supply file
  • In drafting preliminary appeals and objections provided from the announcement of the contract until its award
  • In carrying out the procedural actions and filing appeals before the Administrative Courts for the annulment but also for the suspension of the execution of the contested act, as well as,
  • In filing appeals before the Court of Audit, on decisions concerning pre-contractual audit