Areas of Expertise

Damages & Claims

Our firm focuses on extrajudicial settlement of disputes, in order to protect our clients, by reducing expenses, stress and by seeking a faster and most effective solution in any case of compensation and debt recovery.

However, after having exhausted all efforts for a settlement, we represent our clients before Courts, in all kinds of judicial procedures, as well as seizures.

In particular, judicial debt recovery procedure takes place in two phases:

i) Issuance of an enforcement order (i.e. court decision, order of payment etc.)

ii) Enforcement procedure in coοperation with a bailiff, such as seizures of immovable property i.e. securities, shares, vehicules, money etc. or/and real estate etc.


  • Intellectual property rights
  • Defamation
  • Trade marks
  • Ιnfringement of personality rights
  • Accidents
  • Dept recovery
  • Enforcement orders
  • Civil liability
  • Tort