Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social responsibility is a priority for Rhetor Law Firm. The Firm creatively endeavors to develop a correlative bond with society. Main priority for Rhetor Law Firm is the undertaking to create an environment of trust, with a vision for a long term sustainable development. To this end the firm supports foundations and entities in Thessaloniki and Athens with strong social care activities.


  • Supported the “Social Grocery” of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and households of people that suffer financially and are unable to cover living expenses


  • Supported the work of the “Down’s Syndrome Foundation” in its effort to create a social environment of equal opportunities and involvement for all citizens.


  • Responded immediately and send medical supplies and provisions to the Prevention Center for Disease Control for the victims of the fire in Mati Attica.
  • Supported the Organization “Friends of Papageorgiou Hospital – Antirida”, whose goal is to support the operation of Papageorgiou Hospital, its patients and workers. 


  • Rhetor Law Firm and its founders in view of the current social and financial circumstances, considering the undertaking to improve the society they live and work in their duty, chose to support the foundation “Shelter of the Child”. The Children’s House of the foundation currently accepts and educates more than 600 children, with and educational program based on the Official Education Program of the Government, creatively enhanced with extracurricular activities.


  • At a critical time in the country and given the need for additional hospital equipment to combat the spread of COVID-19, Rhetor Law Firm is contributing to the joint effort by offering two ICU beds at Ippokratio Hospital of Thessaloniki.


  • Rhetor Law Firm and its founders Dimitris Zachos and Andreas Papamimikos express their gratitude to the General Hospital of Thessaloniki "Agios Pavlos" medical stafffor the invaluable work they display throughout.
  • Following the concession of 2 ICU beds in December 2020, Rhetor Law Firm continues its social responsibility acts, offering Easter baskets to all the members of the staff. The baskets were delivered on April 29 at the hospital in the presence of the company executives and the administration of Agios Pavlos.


  • Rhetor Law Firm, continuing its social endeavors, inaugurates the institutional action "Advocating for Good," where it collects and provides food and essential items, bolstering the table of those economically affected and unable to meet their living expenses. The launch of Rhetor Law Firm's new initiative took place on Saturday, April 9, at the Holy Temple of Agios Therapon, in the presence of the company's partners and founders.
  • Rhetor Law Firm inaugurates the "Rhetor’s Scholarship" program, providing 3 scholarships to postgraduate students of the Law School at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Through the new "Rhetor’s Scholarship" program, which aims to become an institution, Rhetor promotes education and rewards excellence, academic achievements, dedication, and commitment of students to their field of study, covering the cost of the postgraduate program in full or in part.
  • In November, Rhetor Law Firm stood by the side of the "SYZOI" Association, participating in the 7th Mountain Race of Thessaloniki "Syzathlo," held at Sheikh Sou. The Rhetor team ran in the "Syzathlo," supporting the philanthropic purpose of the association, which provides decent living, education, and social inclusion for individuals with visual impairments and additional disabilities.
  • On Saturday, December 10, and Sunday, December 11, Rhetor Law Firm and its founders, Dimitris Zachos and Andreas Papamikos, offered their "services" at the Social Kitchen "The Other Man" in Athens and Thessaloniki respectively. The team supported the work and mission of this specific initiative, both by providing materials and by cooking alongside other volunteers for our fellow citizens in need.
  • As part of the social initiative "Advocating for Good," Rhetor Law Firm made a valuable donation during the Christmas season to the Special Primary School of Thermi, covering their technological needs. The people at Rhetor personally delivered electronic equipment, including communication software Grid 3, digital musical instrument EyeHarp operated by eye movements or head gestures, specialized eye-tracking camera, adapted keyboard and mouse, as well as equipment for plasticization, spiral binding, and paper cutting.

  • Remaining committed to its mission of providing equal opportunities in knowledge and education, Rhetor Law Firm continues its social action and stands by the 63rd Primary School of Xirokrini, which serves as an important milestone for children coming from different socio-economic backgrounds, learning environments, and countries. The people at Rhetor, alongside the founders Dimitris Zachos and Andreas Papamikos, visited the school ahead of the Easter holidays and delivered technological equipment, including laptops, projectors, and educational LEGO robotics sets.
  • As part of the social initiative "Advocating for Good," Rhetor Law Firm supported the schools in the villages of Palamas and Falani, which were affected by the floods in Thessaly. Responding to the needs arising from the floods in September, the company's founders D. Zachos and A. Papamikos made a significant donation of dehumidifiers and essential electronic devices, aiming to rebuild and strengthen the educational environment in these areas.

  • Rhetor Law Firm supports the Greek family with the new initiative "Growing Up Together." The company and its founders, Dimitris Zachos and Andreas Papamikos, stand as allies to the families of their associates, actively supporting new parents.