Rhetor Law Firm

Corporate Values

Minimizing unnecessary litigation is the focal point of our corporate philosophy. Emphasis and specialization in preventive legal services signals our interest in keeping our clients away from courtrooms so they can engage in business rather than litigation. We act cautiously, minimize litigation, and reduce total costs of our clients, while ensuring their reputation and reliability.


We emphasize in the result.

We adhere to the high quality standards in our services, operational functions and actions.

We communicate in a timely and valid manner with integrity


We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, meet their needs, identify the right opportunities for them, advise them on strategic options, resolve issues.

We highlight and motivate talents, recognize and reward the efforts of our people.

We practically demonstrate our role as a social partner with awareness campaigns for a better future.

EFFICACY in all business activities with:

Management commitment

Exemplary leadership

Encouraging our people to take initiative and participate actively

TEAMWORK because:

We passionately believe in our vision as a common goal

We contribute morally to the design of the corporate mission

We aim high

We have a strongly structured corporate culture that promotes synergy and cooperation