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Intellectual – Industrial property

Rhetor Law Firm provides comprehensive, high quality and personalized legal and consulting services. We provide a wide range of services in the field of intellectual and industrial property rights,  creating a comprehensive and long-term shield for businesses, providing trademark protection services, industrial designs and patents protection services, and managing infringements against protected works.

Intellectual - Industrial Property 

1. Trademarks: Trademarks are used in the designation of goods and services. They are an asset of great importance for the company, as they make the company and its products recognizable by consumers and are identified with their quality and popularity. Trademark protection, at a national or international level, protects them from infringement by third parties and enables their financial exploitation through the sale and licensing of their use.

2. Industrial designs and patterns: With the registration of industrial designs, the external appearance of a product is protected. In particular, a design is the image presented by the whole or part of a product which results from its characteristics, and in particular from the line, the outline, the color, the shape, the texture and / or the materials of its own product and / or decoration. The registration of the design adds value to the product and protects it from infringement by third parties.

3. Patents / utility model certificates:

A Patent (DE) is a 20-year protection title granted to the proprietor for new inventions, with inventive activity and susceptible to industrial application. An invention is considered new if it does not belong to the state of the art and contains inventive activity - that is, if, in the discretion of an expert, it does not arise in an obvious way from the existing state of the art. It is suitable for industrial application if it can be produced and used in any field of productive activity.

Utility Model Certificate (PYC) is a 7-year protection certificate issued to the beneficiary for three-dimensional objects, with a defined shape and form, which solve a technical problem and have the characteristics of "new" and industrially applicable.

A patent makes its proprietor an inventor. At the same time it adds great value to the product, paves the way for collaborations abroad, and is an important marketing tool for the inventor or the company that exploits it.

4. Management of infringements against the protected works of writers, poets, photographers, composers, lyricists, programmers and performers and anyone who holds a moral or property right to a copyrighted work.

The intellectual creators, with the creation of the work, acquire on it intellectual property, which includes, as exclusive and absolute rights, the right of exploitation of the work (property right) and the right of protection of their personal bond to it (moral right). The intellectual protection of works and the exercise of the exploitative powers that derive from them are important, as through the protection of intellectual creators, culture and creativity are protected.

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