Rhetor Initiative - “Growing up together”

20 March 2024

Rhetor Law Firm supports the Greek family by providing incentives to its employees.

Supporting the Greek family starts from our own home. The founders of Rhetor Law Firm, Dimitris Zachos, and Andreas Papamikos, stand as supporters in the efforts of their associates to have children and actively support new parents.

Demographics pose a vital problem even for the survival of the nation. Greece's population is expected to decrease significantly, by 800,000 to 2.5 million people over the next 25 years. Unfortunately, for the past 12 years, Greece's population has been decreasing consecutively each year. To address this, besides governmental planning, there is a need for private initiatives.

Rhetor's initiative, "Growing Together," serves as tangible support for our associates and aims to leave a clear footprint on Greek society. It's a legacy for it and the next generations. With respect for our values and principles and a full awareness of Rhetor's social role, we continue to support people and families over time.

In this context, we offer to all new parents working in the company, regardless of their income:

  • An additional month's salary upon the birth of their first child
  • Two additional months' salary upon the birth of their second child
  • Three additional months' salary upon the birth of their third child
  • Free child health insurance for the first 2 years of the child's life