Areas of Expertise

Golden Visa

Our firm, through its specialized associates, provides tailored legal counsel at all stages required, in order for the applicant as well as for the dependent members of his family, to enter the Greek territory legally and invest in real estate in order to obtain permanent residence permit as an investor (art. 20B Law 4251/2014, GOLDEN VISA Program). In particular, our firm provides:

  • Legal counsel in order to determine whether the interested individual and his family members meet the legal requirements to proceed with the application file,
  • Obtain a Tax Number, opening a Greek bank account and collect all the necessary documents (translations, validations, etc),
  • Legal due diligence of the property and legal advice at all stages of the purchase and sale until the signing of the final contract,
  • Collection of all necessary legal documents and submission of the file to the competent decentralized administration,
  • Schedule an appointment for biometric tests and supervise the case until the issuance of the final ruling,
  • Full judicial protection (appeal, annulment etc.).
Areas Of Expertise